The essence of the CORE Project. The CORE Relais is a charming and elegant home, which offers a precious way out of everyday life, consider it to be a yacht on wheels.

From holiday home or an exclusive temporary hotel, the possibilities are endless from size and floorplan.

It can be a nice holiday home, or an exclusive temporary hotel.
The CORE Relais is a fully loaded turnkey home, where you can enjoy your carefree moments of pleasure.

Our Personal Designers will convert your style and habits into creative, tailor-made interiors. The interiors are handcrafted by our artisans, the hearts and hands of the brand CMC Collection Home Jewels, the luxury signature of CORE’s production.

CORE will simplify your life.



TipoCasa modulare
StrutturaStruttura saldata in acciaio zincato

3 lati: pareti decorative

1 lato: parete in vetro con apertura a libro

Dimensioni – Modalità di viaggio

Lunghezza13.000 mm
Larghezza2.550 mm
Altezza3.000 mm
Peso massimo25.000 kg

Dimensioni – Modalità abitative

Lunghezza13.000 mm
Larghezza6.000 mm
Altezza (senza terrazza panoramica)3.000 mm
Altezza (con terrazza panoramica)3.900 mm


Technical features

CORE is a luxurious, expandable, modular house.
CORE Mobile Home is transported on a semi-trailer truck chassis and features 4 hydraulic legs for siting and levelling.
The setup procedure is a simple process which is carried out at the push of a button on the wireless remote control.

Doors and windows
CORE Mobile Home breaks down architectural barriers.
It features a gorgeous nautical boat floor all around, with ramp, easy to install and disassemble, and a large, folding glass wall on the front, to enjoy the beauty of the sunlight and of the landscape.
The glasses are tempered according to ECE Reg. 43 and equipped with a privacy LCD device.

Thermal and acoustic insulation
CORE is made of galvanzied steel and covered with wood and aluminium decorative panels. The floor, the walls and the ceiling are insulated against temperature and noise usign hi-density insulation panels.

LED light outside and inside.
Hi-quality designer Chandelliers for kitchen and bedroom.

Power supply 2 phases – 32 Amp. – 230 V
The modular houses are equipped with electrical system and electrical board panel.
They feature a 230 V hydraulic system for the operations of opening and closing.
In the absence of a reliable AC supply in the place of destination, a generator or a Victron Quattro inverter can be installed to allow rapid opening and habitability of the module.
The plumbing system is custom-built, according to the real needs.

CORE features a luxurious nautical boat floor.
Furniture is handcrafted and signed by CMC Collection, which is CORE’s Home Jewels’ brand.
Wood, Corian, stone and fine materials enhances the allure of each module, with character and elegance.
CORE’s design stands out as an excellence in craftsmanship and Made in Italy.


We offer
the best of italian excellence.


We offer
the best of italian excellence.

CORE è un marchio di proprietà CMC Caravan.