Elite Mobile Living


The Core Project

CORE is a modular house, which has been developed around the container concept, which expands hydraulically in width and height and features the finest fixtures, fittings and fully-customisable design.

Versatility is CORE’s hallmark. Our small-scale production and team of meticulous artisans ensure that each phase of construction is fulfilled to the highest standards, where the quality and construction of each Mobile Home exceeds the Customer’s expectations. Each and every CORE is unique and reflects the personality and habits of those who live it, including layout, furniture, fixtures and fittings and technology integration.

CORE improves your quality of life, providing comfort and privacy, whilst living with nature and respecting the environment and what lives around you.

With CORE there’s no need for solid foundations and installation is a simple process of connecting power, fresh water and waste water connections. CORE is sustainable, ecological and can also be fully energy self-sufficient.


This Home of the Future is based on the Temporary Living Concept, on the possibility to move everywhere with our CORE, without giving up comfort and personal privacy.

There are no boundaries or limitations, the ability to relocate is very easy. CORE Mobile Home is transported on a semi-trailer truck chassis and features hydraulic legs for siting and levelling of the Mobile Home.

The setup procedure is a simple process which is carried out at the push of a button on the wireless remote control, which transforms CORE into a luxury villa, or an office, or a pop-up shop. And, why not, on an exclusive temporary hotel? And you can easily move it, when you prefer, where you wish.


We offer
the best of italian excellence.


We offer
the best of italian excellence.

CORE is a trademark owned by CMC Caravan.