We’re always at work to improve the luxury experience of our Customers, to increase their comfort and preserve the value of their CORE Mobile Homes, protecting them over time.


We aim to offer more and more: CORE is more than a house, it is a new lifestyle. CORE is your choice of freedom, independence, quality.

To reach this goal, we aim for excellence. We can do it because of more than 60 year-experience in the manufacture of custom-built vehicles, because of a team made of skilled technicians, scrupulous and insistent controls over quality and operational management and a quick and professional after sale service.

What makes all this possible?

Turnkey service.
CORE can be fully equipped, to be ready to live and work in it. The sign of the interiors is CMC Collection Home Jewels, the luxury brand of the head office.

CORE is a modular space, where the layout should be carefully analyzed to streamline as much as possible the opening and closing operations of the expandable sides. For this reason, CORE is more than a box, but a complete product. From the skeleton to the systems, up to the furniture, we take care of every stage. And, at the end of works, we hand you the key.
A turnkey product is a fully checked product, stage by stage, to ensure an unrivalled level of excellence. .

Scheduled maintenance.
we just require you some minimal care to keep CORE at its best conditions of use. We schedule maintenance programs to ensure the durability of the structure during years, with the awareness that anyone can know the technologies and the systems of a CORE better than those who built them.

24-month warranty.
CORE modules and Mobile Homes are covered for a period of 24 months from the delivery date.
We try to think at everything. It’s easy, don’t you think?
And you will relax, and feel free to enjoy your new CORE, where you wish.



We offer
the best of italian excellence.


We offer
the best of italian excellence.

CORE is a trademark owned by CMC Caravan.